• Direct registration within EHR
  • Centrally managed personal userprofile
  • Medical dictonairy
  • Automatic tekst en speech commands

Dragon Medical Direct

Invest less time in paperwork and more time for the care of the patients. The stat-of-the-art speech regonision solution of Nuance is developed to imporve the medical workflow and to connect to the excisting work processes within the health organization. Itémedical supplies and maintains Dragon Medical Direct

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Dragon Medical Direct
Dragon Medical Direct

“Due to speechregonision our medical remarks are of higher qulaity. They are more detaled, easier to read and the qulaity of the information is so much better.”

Peter White, verpleegkundige intensive care pediatrie, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital

Main functionality

Dragon Medical Direct is the state-of-the-art speech regonision software voor the healthcare industry. The software enables the specialist to spend more time with the patient and less time on administrative tasks. 

Efficient Workflow

Dragon Medical Direct is developed for the registration within an EHR. The specialist can register via voice and can also navigat through an EHR via voice reconision. Each department within the hospital can have their docters dictate directly within the EHR. This fastned and improves the administrative proces but more import it provides the doctor with more time to spend on the patients. People talk faster then they can type, therefore the reports will be more complete and accurate. This all will lead to an increase in qualty of care for the patient.

Personalised account

Dragon Medical Direct is a private cloud solution which enables the users to all hava e personal login which can be used throuhout the hospital. The software automatically detacts who is dictating the information. Over time the software will get to know our accent and interpetation, this will make hesoftware better and better in converting it into written text.