• Simple entry of resuscitation and CCOT information
  • Visual and audio support during the call
  • Possibility of subsequent evaluation of the call
  • Standard management reporting
  • Report of the call available in the HIS/EPF

MediScore Resuscitation & CCOT

In an emergency situation, such as a resuscitation or CCOT (Critical Care Outreach Team) call, correct conduct according to protocol is very important. MediScore Resuscitation & CCOT offers professionals support in these situations. The steps in the protocol are clearly outlined, and support is provided when this protocol is followed.

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MediScore Resuscitation & CCOT
MediScore Resuscitation & CCOT
MediScore Resuscitation & CCOT
MediScore Resuscitation & CCOT
MediScore Resuscitation & CCOT

“With MediScore Resuscitation we no longer need to look at the clock during a resuscitation.”

Hanneke Kuipers, TL CCU/CV Ikazia Rotterdam

This product is used in the following, among others:

  • Ikazia - Rotterdam
  • Antonius - Nieuwegein

Main functionality

Standardised report of crucial treatments

In an emergency situation such as a resuscitation, it is important for all the protocols to be followed. Professionals are comprehensively trained to be able to act properly in a life or death situation. In this event it is very important for your ALS team to arrive on site quickly. What you want to know is:

  • Is the method used the correct one?
  • How fast was fast?

Although good recording is 'standard' nowadays, this is a neglected aspect when it comes to resuscitation. The reports in Resuscitation & CCOT are based on the VMS system. This is a system with which hospitals can continuously signal risks, implement improvements and determine, evaluate and modify policy.

MediScore Resuscitation & CCOT provides user-friendly tools for the following:

  • Recording all actions during the resuscitation or CCOT call;
  • Audio and visual support for the applicable protocol;
  • Easily checking entries afterwards and adding to these, if needed;
  • Generating reports in order to pursue quality objectives or use them during training

Easy data input

MediScore Resuscitation & CCOT has a modern, touch-screen-based user interface and an up-to-date reporting and analysis tool in order to easily report trends, numbers, outcomes and warm-up periods.


The configuration tool also allows you to create special layouts for the resuscitation of children, for example. At the start of the procedure you simply select the estimated weight of the child, after which the system automatically presents you with the correct materials, medication and dosages.


The document module of MediScore Resuscitation & CCOT allows you to generate your own reports that can be printed or displayed in an HIS/EPF.