• Medication dosing at the mg and ng level
  • Automatic calculation of the fluid balance and excretion
  • Notifications about deviations from the treatment plan
  • Automatic calculation of BMI and BSA


MV PICU is specially developed for use in paediatric intensive care. The system offers many specific features that are needed to be successful in such a department.

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This product is used in the following, among others:

  • UMC - Utrecht

Main functionality

The system automatically creates a fully electronic medical file (EMD), with which healthcare professionals are equipped with timely, accurate and useful information.

MV-PICU supports the unique workflow of these paediatric ICUs with their demanding requirements and large data quantities. The data of bedside equipment, including infusion pumps, haemodynamic monitoring and ECMOs are seamlessly integrated in order to facilitate a continuous electronic file for the PICUs and the step-down units. MV-PICU offers advanced tools to support decisions, clinical evaluation, treatment and treatment plans.

MV-PICU meets the requirements of this specialised environment by offering a range of customised functions, including:

  • Standard medication dosing based on patient weight, accurate up to the microgram and nanogram level
  • Standard fluid concentrations, specifically for the PICU
  • Automatic display and calculation of precise fluid balance and excretion
  • Notifications about deviations of the defined fluid balance according to the patient's treatment plan
  • Detailed display of the nutritional status and needs, integrated with lab results
  • Automatic calculation of data such as BMI and BSA
  • Display of PICU scores such as PIM II