• Sound of Silence
  • Easy to clean
  • Screen dims automatically
  • Modern design
  • Can also be used for other clinical applications


The solution of the future that gives medical specialists easy access to patient information. XPREZZON, a product by Spacelabs Healthcare, combines long-standing, proven results with an ultimate fusion of form and function. XPREZZON offers innovative technology and ground-breaking design, thereby shaping the new era of care for medical specialists and patients.

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This product is used in the following, among others:

  • UMC - Utrecht

Main functionality


The modern and innovative design offers an attractive and pleasant experience for patients and their families. The slim, frameless display is easy to clean and limits the risk of infection.


Medical specialists quickly obtain access to patient information. They can make healthcare decisions anywhere, both inside as well as outside of the hospital. This continuity of care – the medical specialist is always close by – creates a feeling of security. What's more, it increases the trust of patients and their families.


Ergonomic and versatile attachment solutions increase the appeal of the care environment. Various solutions for monitor cable management ensure a more organised and efficient bedside workflow.


XPREZZON is the first patient monitor that senses a patient's need for a good night's sleep. The monitor intuitively dims the display's lighting until it becomes a softer ambient light.