• All relevant data in one system
  • Proactive surveillance for infections
  • Complete outbreak management support
  • Full support for first response teams
  • Surveillance for post-operative wound infections


The ideal system for surveillance for hospital infection, outbreak management and antibiotic stewardship

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“ICNet has allowed team to free up time usually spent on collating data. Time can now also be spent on proactive work rather than just reactive issues.”

ICN, Hereford Hospitals NHST, Herefordshire Wales

Main functionality

Infection prevention

Being able to monitor micro-organisms at your organisation is of primary importance for preventing infections. Many times you may lack an information system that has all of the required data for proper monitoring of infections in one application. ICNet was developed for this objective. Integrated with your HIS, lab system (microbiology and the clinical chemistry lab), your EMR/PDMS and your pharmacy system, ICNet provides you with complete insight into the data that are relevant for you. ICNet's goal is to enable you to achieve a significant reduction of preventable hospital infections. To this end, ICNet has a number of signalling and alarm functions that help you take the right action at the right time.

Outbreak control

Should you unexpectedly still have to deal with an outbreak, then you can respond quickly via the ICNet outbreak tool and, using smart contact overviews, decide which patients, visitors or staff should be included in your outbreak management. Preventing an outbreak is best, but good management of an outbreak is a must. With ICNet you have the tools at your fingertips.

Antibiotic stewardship

By combining smart data from your HIS/EMR and your microbiological lab ICNet can signal an "incorrect" antibiotic policy. For example, you will be notified if your micro-organism is resistant to the administered antibiotic, or when an antibiotic is administered (other than for preventive purposes) but there is no micro-organism. And, of course, the tool also displays the associated resistance patterns and MIC graphs. All this enables you to oversee a correctly implemented antibiotic policy.

Monitoring for post-operative wound infection

By providing post-operative patients a "tag" in ICNet they can be monitored for possible post-operative infections. With hips replacements, for up to 365 days. Even after re-admittance. For POWI and Line Sepsis, ICNet also has recording and import functions for ensuring a complete export to PREZIES.


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