• Specifically developed for the critical care environment
  • User-friendly interaction checks
  • Set your own interaction level
  • Check for prescriptions for duplicate medications
  • Analyse the prescription and administration information

Medication Interaction Module

With Itémedical's Medication Interaction Module a department takes the next step in the area of medication safety. Based on a national medication database, the user will receive warnings about possible interactions and duplicate medications.

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Medication Interaction Module
Medication Interaction Module
Medication Interaction Module
Medication Interaction Module
Medication Interaction Module

“The MIM helps the doctor prescribe medication in MetaVision in a responsible, safe manner.”

Sami Akrout, Maasstad Rotterdam

This product is used in the following, among others:

  • AMC - Amsterdam

Main functionality

The MediScore Medication Interaction Module offers direct quality improvement of the medication prescription policy. By monitoring the medication prescription policy in real time and presenting advice in compliance with the G-Standard or the Delphi Care database, healthcare professionals are optimally supported in their daily tasks. Itémedical has now made the Medication Interaction Module available to all MetaVision users in the Netherlands and Belgium.


When a medication is prescribed in MetaVision, the MediScore MIM will display warnings about interactions to the user based on the medication database (G-Standard or Delphi Care). The user can always ignore the MIM's notification. Because the medication database is often used by various specialities in healthcare, the interaction levels are not always suitable for the ICU and OR. That is why the interaction level can be changed per department in the MIM's configuration so that it is better aligned with the situation at the specific department. Interactions with a low level do not generate notifications.

Duplicate medication

Based on the MetaVision name and the duplicate medication table of the G-Standard, MediScore MIM issues notifications about possible duplicate medication.


With the help of the analysis manager - known to Itémedical customers - the prescribing trends in a department can be analysed. The analysis checks where the prescription errors are made and what the reactions are to MediScore MIM notifications. Analyses can be used to improve the medication safety and optimise the configuration of MediScore MIM.

Medical Device

The role of medical devices in healthcare is essential. This also increasingly concerns software solutions. It is very important to know that these software solutions can be safely used by healthcare providers. MediScore MIM is considered to be a medical device and has been CE-approved by the DEKRA. These agencies ensure that only safe medical devices are allowed on the market. The module was developed by Itémedical and is the only medication prescription system on the market that complies with this quality standard. With the CE-approved software by Itémedical you can be assured that you have acquired a safe medical device.