• Contains all nationwide intensive care registrations
  • Standard management report
  • Exports to national benchmarks
  • Good integration with other systems
  • Correct registration of financial products

MediScore ICU

MediScore is an automated Department and Management Information System which provides a monthly, quarterly and annual report of your critical care unit and sends this information to national institutes like ICNARC for bench marking.

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MediScore ICU
MediScore ICU
MediScore ICU
MediScore ICU

“Piet Vos, Research coordinator Elisabeth Tilburg”

MediScore is an advanced scoring system for the ICU that has everything.

This product is used in the following, among others:

  • Isala Klinieken - Zwolle
  • UMC - Utrecht

Main functionality

Demand for patient-transcending management and trend information is increasing from both internal and external sources. Generation of performance indicators and internal quality indicators is not possible using the traditional manual method. Although PDMS systems do allow you to build a solid file for the individual patient, they are not suitable for offering transcending management information. But MediScore has the solution to this.

National registrations

MediScore ICU is the right product for you if you want to participate in national IC registration. MediScore has modules for the NICE registry, MVG (Belgium), BHN, resuscitation days for the IGZ, PICE, LNR and many others. Itémedical ensures that these modules comply with the latest specifications of the national association or the government. And Itémedical also follows national trends. For example, there is already a SOFA module for daily measuring of the illness severity. This is suitable for use in both Belgium and the Netherlands.

Integration with other systems

Entering information into two systems is outdated. That's why MediScore ICU has various connections to prevent double entry. These are, among others, an HL ADT connection for recordings, an HL7 ORU connection for lab results and connection to the PDMS systems of iMDsoft (MetaVision) and EPIC.

Management reports and analyses

MediScore enables you to quickly compile an overview of the current situation at your ICU from the collected data and to simply look through the compiled history. From these overviews you can quickly and easily generate reports about just how ill patients are (APACHE IV or II, SAPS-II, SOFA) and about the associated workload (TISS-76, NAS, NEMS) and any relationships between these two scores. In addition, MediScore ICU has many other reports.

Financial declarations

Declaring treatments and activities in the ICU is becoming increasingly complex. With MediScore's HL7 DFT connection you can configure all applicable declaration lines in both the Netherlands and Belgium (nomenclature). This means that MediScore ICU handles all financial issues for your ICU.