• Per minute import from bedside equipment
  • Provides support with the following of protocols
  • Individual adaptation to your workflow
  • Displays complex data as clinical information
  • Data available for reporting and analysis


MetaVision offers you all of the advantages that you might expect from a modern PDMS. It helps professionals follow protocols, prevents duplicate registrations and helps professionals make decisions based on complex data. The high success rate in MetaVision implemantations make it the industry standard..

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“MetaVision is a major step forward, thanks to which fewer errors will be made.”

Dr. Kieft, Intensivist at Isala klinieken Zwolle, the Netherlands

This product is used in the following, among others:

  • AZ St Jan - Brugge
  • AMC - Amsterdam
  • UMC - Utrecht

Main functionality

MetaVision ICU, a Patient Data Management System (PDMS), was developed to support workflows in the most critical departments and is a  . The system collects patient information that is accurate up to the minute, thereby creating a complete electronic record. With decision-making support MetaVision ensures use of best practices, protocols and regulation agreements. The information is imported from various bedside equipment and other hospital systems. MV ICU is successful worldwide. Click here to see the locations of MetaVision customers throughout the globe.

Adaptable to every workflow

In contrast to many other systems, MetaVision can be adapted to any workflow in the hospital. Hospital personnel is trained to set up MetaVision so that it fits with the current workflow.

Clinical decision-making support

MetaVision offers advanced decision-making support with which the hospital decides itself which protocols and workflows need to be supported and which critical parameters the system must look out for in order to improve patient care.

Continuity of care

One patient has one patient record in MetaVision. The patient logistics from the ICU, Prep, OR and Recovery are hence bundled into one record. This makes all of the data regarding admission to the ICU clear for the user.

Analysis and reports

With the MetaVision Query Wizard every hospital can analyse the data that is collected with MetaVision. The entire database can be queried with a simple user interface. The results are available in Excel format, thanks to which the data are available for further analysis, e.g. in SPSS.