• Per minute import from bedside equipment
  • Provides support with the following of protocols
  • Individual adaptation to your workflow, including breaks
  • Displays complex data as clinical information
  • Data available for analysis


MV OR is a unique, flexible anaesthesia information management system (AIMS) that creates a comprehensive, billable, electronic patient file. The system was designed to support the workflows of even the most demanding clinical environments.

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This product is used in the following, among others:

  • Isala Klinieken - Zwolle
  • Medisch Spectrum Twente - Enschede

Main functionality

The dynamic, patient-centric options for information storage and decision-making support promote the use of best practices, protocols and requirements for the issuing of instructions. MV OR seamlessly connects to the entire range of medical equipment and hospital information systems.

Clinical decision-making support

MetaVision supplies advanced tools to support decision-making that enable hospitals to entrench and compel best practice protocols in their clinical and administrative workflows and identify possibilities for improving the quality of healthcare and efficiency. These tools can be adapted so that they comply with the specific requirements of every OR, and it has been proven that this leads to measurable results.

Analysis and reporting

MetaVision offers physicians a rich source of options for clinical research projects and powerful tools for generating searches and reports. Physicians without programming knowledge can easily define advanced searches (queries) and run them through the entire MetaVision patient database, thereby creating reports about a wide range of topics, including cost analysis, quality measurements and clinical trends.

Adjustable for every workflow

In contrast to many older systems, MetaVision can be adapted to the unique workflow of a department or unit. Physicians can adapt the system in accordance with their working method and enter new processes at any time.

Complete integration with the existing IT infrastructure

MV-OR can work together with all common hospital systems, such as ADT, Labs, CPOE, invoicing, planning, PACS and LDAP, complementing the hospital's entire IT strategy. The MetaVision library of operating programmes contains more than 200 medical devices; other operating programmes are continuously being developed in order to meet our customers' demands.

Continuity in data throughout the entire healthcare continuum

MetaVision maintains one patient file with information from ICUs, pre-op units, ORs, recovery units and general departments. The patient information is presented in a single flowsheet that contains several units, enabling healthcare professionals to administer and modify medication plans during the entire hospital stay.