• Information available everywhere and at all times
  • Complete ICS G2 functionality
  • Available on the iPad
  • Safe and fast


With ICS XPREZZ Spacelabs Healthcare raises mobile healthcare to a higher level by placing the power of ICS G2 Clinical Access in the palm of your hand. Now physicians have access to comprehensive patient data, such as near-live graphs and graphical trends, on their iPad or other mobile device when they are on the move.

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Main functionality

With ICS XPREZZ Spacelabs Healthcare raises mobility in healthcare to a higher level. ICS XPREZZ gives healthcare professionals access to comprehensive patient information wherever they are, including near-live waveforms and graphical trends on an iPad or other mobile device. Decisions can be made more quickly than ever before.


With ICS XPRESS sensitive patient information remains secure because the information stays within the hospital's infrastructure and is only presented to the users. Patient data are never processed or saved on the iPad.

Open standards

ICS XPREZZ uses the unique design of Spacelabs' architecture so there is a generic solution offered that fits with every IT infrastructure.

Designed for a touch screen

ICS G2 clinical tools were developed for use with Spacelabs Healthcare patient monitors - all touch-screen devices. Now, with ICS XPREZZ, these tools have been expanded to include another well-known touch-screen device, the iPad. Healthcare professionals can enjoy all of the advantages of the ICS G2 on their iPad.