• Provides access to essential patient information when you need it
  • Exceptionally long-lasting battery
  • Adaptable to any situation
  • Can be read out at a glance
  • Appealing design


With its simple yet stylish appearance, qube breaks all traditions. This fresh, new version of compact monitoring is small and light-weight and has an extremely long-lasting battery. qube offers portability, accessibility and optimal connectivity and is hence the ideal tool for many departments.

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This product is used in the following, among others:

  • Oogziekenhuis - Rotterdam
  • UMC - Utrecht

Main functionality


qube can be attached to walls, mobile carts, beds and anaesthesia workstations and can be quickly detached using the quick-release function for instant mobility. Thanks to the long life of its battery and the optional second battery, qube can be used when moving patients without any problems. qube is impact-proof and resistant to chemical products and fluids, thereby also making it suitable for intensive use. All-around functionality in a compact package.


Data from various sources help medical professionals make clinical decisions both at the bedside as well as remotely. Graphical assessment functions and up to 96 hour access to physiological data assist clinicians in their evaluations and help them make decisions.


The possibility of modifying the screen display allows clinicians to quickly access various graphs and trend tables based on individual patient needs and procedural guidelines. The interactive display, operation and recording of parameters, trends and calculations can be immediately activated so that clinicians always have real-time physiological patient data available everywhere they need them. qube enables bed-side decisions that continuously instil in patients and their loved ones a sense of security and trust.


Thanks to an ultra-light display with large numbers and graphics, qube can be read out at a glance. Alarm illumination in several colours indicates the alarm's priority and lights both the front as well as the back of the monitor for improved alarm triggering.


The slim, modern details, ergonomic operation and comfortable handle give qube its appealing shape. Technology meets design. The small, compact form of the Capnography Pod makes it ideal for use with qube. This expansion can be seamlessly connected to the back of the monitor and is ready for use with one click.


Thanks to its modular architecture, qube can easily be connected to various physiological Spacelabs modules or Flexport. This offers continuity and ease of use when networking with the help of various platforms. qube uses widespread communication protocols, thereby enabling communication between monitors, improved alarm monitoring and increased productivity between both wired as well as wireless channels. For every monitored patient in the network, clinicians can choose between display with one single or several parameters.