• Complete overview of all Spacelabs cardiological diagnostic equipment
  • Combined Holter, ABP and ECG data
  • Complete overview of historic data
  • Good integration with HIS/EMR


The Sentinel Cardiology Information System coordinates and saves the results of many non-invasive procedures. It fits with your IT network and helps you improve diagnostics and the clinical workflow.

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This product is used in the following, among others:

  • Erasmus MC - Rotterdam
  • AZM - Maastricht

Main functionality

Sentinel is a complete Cardio Data Management System.

All reports from the Spacelabs ECG Holters, Spacelabs ambulatory blood pressure monitors and 12-lead ECGs are stored at a central location. It's also possible to save 12-lead ECGs of third-parties in the Sentinel database. This circumvents you having to work with various ECG systems.

Sentinel gives you direct access to all of the patient data. Sentinel offers full HL7 functionality, thanks to which patient data can be retrieved from the HIS/EPF. And vice versa, all reports can be sent to the HIS/ EPF through the HL7 connection.

You can configure the right workflow within Sentinel in order to work as efficiently as possible. It's also possible to have physicians securely log in to the Internet from any location to review and confirm reports.

Because Sentinel is modular in design, it's possible to start with one module and expand on it later. For example, if you use Spacelabs ABPs, then you can start with only saving those reports in Sentinel. Later it's easy to expand the system in order to edit or save ECG Holters and 12-lead ECGs in Sentinel.